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Writer’s Tips

The following is from Suzanne Ruthven very useful book Life Writes … I do this all the time, it’s really useful Body Language & Gestures What we generally refer to as ‘body language’ is someone’s unconscious reaction to a situation… Continue Reading →

Dancing the Heart to Wildness

Dancing is something most of us want to do and love doing when we can, even if we feel we need to be on our own to do it else we get embarrassed. Rhythm moves our feet, all our muscles,… Continue Reading →


Wind striding up the garden path Stalking the daffodils and making them shiver Tossing flowerpots out of the tub Shaking the poplar branches and strewing crimson flowers on the path

Life … spring 2016

Life comes stealing softly on the breeze It comes on a moonbeam peeking through the window It comes on the scent of new earth and a fox’s passing It comes in the song of a bird and the call of… Continue Reading →

The Lady of the Stars

Spring Song from Kathryn Byrd I am the lamb That makes all your spring days fun And I am the heat that turns your face to the sun I AM THE light that through the darkness night will find you… Continue Reading →

Cat & Stars & Universe

Purrrrrrfick …

Book review

Trees of the Goddess Danni Niles’ review … I enjoy her style :-). As Nimue Brown says, she does great reviews. As a writer I find what she says very useful and helpful, and its fascinating hearing someone else on… Continue Reading →

Trees for Life: Rewilding Grove

I’ve just written a wee story for Trees for Life … this is part of it … More dreams come to you. This time they begin with a long deep howl. Straightway it’s answered, and answered again and again. Your… Continue Reading →

Imbolc, Calleach and Groundhogs

A lovely way of working for Imbolc that connects our old British stories with American ways by Nancy Lankeston who I’m looking forward to working with in May The idea of waiting and watching for the first inkling of spring… Continue Reading →

Pieces of 8: by Kathryn Byrd

A beautiful poem by Kathryn Byrd … and all the pictures are by Kathryn too Fester Frog had left his swamp That was dying and so ill He walked to the Bakers House On top of Highcleare Hill “Please help”… Continue Reading →

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