I’m a writer, I love writing.  And here’s my BLOG … I also teach, see Training in British Native Shamanism and More About Me for more.

My latest book – Merlin: once & future wizard – came out in December 2016.

I’ve got two special loves with writing – Mystery/Magic/Romance novels, and books on British Shamanism.

I’ve always loved mystery, sort of grew up on it as Dad loved a good mystery story too. We had an amazing English mistress who was up for all sorts of “odd” reading for the 5th and 6th forms and she helped, introducing me to Dorothy L Sayers Busman’s Honeymoon.  Writers like Mary Stewart and John le Carré are always on my shelves, along with Agatha Christie (I love the Joan Hickson TV versions) and Daphne du Maurier particularly Rebecca and The House on the Strand, Raymond Chandler (well, say no more) but Alan Judd, Ross Macdonald and Patricia Cornwell are all good too. All of them have elements of mystery in them.

I love fantasy too and Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy counts in this genre for me as well as mystery. I suppose my to ult faves for fantasy as Roger Zelazny and Ursula K le Guin, and I’ve read most of both of them, le Guin’s Left hand of Darkness, from the Hainish Cycle, and Zelazny’s Amber chronicles are top of the list. Suzanne Ruthven’s Whittlewood has been a favourite since it came out, and Melusine Draco’s House of Strange Gods series is great fun too. I also re-read Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon books as well as Restoree , the Ship Who Sang and Crystal Singer, although the follow-ups to both the latter books are not so good. and I like Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Bear, Angela Carter, Sheri S Tepper, Elizabeth Moon and Jody Lynn Nye … and many more.

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