1-day walk-shops in the Welsh Marches. The first one is on the 18th Feb 2012, over Coppett Hill and along the Wye. Places limited, if this sounds like your cup of tea do contact me … I look forward to walking with you.

More about Shaman’s Walk below …

walking with the goddess

Walk-shops … ??? Yes, walk-shops. We walk together, through the sacred landscape … a fundamental part of the awenydd’s way.

Walking, setting your feet on the ground, one foot after the other, purposefully and letting your senses feel into land and the spirit of the place, really puts you in touch with the Goddess. Walking this way is incredibly joyful; it revitalises you … because you allow the spirit of the land to flow her energy through you.

There are lovely things to see along the way: it may be just a flower or leaf … “just” ??? And how magical are they? Deeply magical, as we all know in our hearts. The birds, insects, the trees, leaves, sky, clouds, light and much more will all be out to give us thrills.

And the river … the river Wye. Several walks are along the river Wye, the Mother River of Welsh border-country. She winds her way through the beautiful land and her energy ripples out from her flowing self into the land on which we walk. We can sense this, often through our feet. Foot-dowsing … not a well-known practice nowadays but it was and it can be again. It’s part of what you can begin to learn on the walk-shops.

I only take a few people on each walk. It’s intimate, we share our sensing together in a personal way. The Goddess always gives what we need … the trick is learning to see it.

You’ll need good walking boots, warm, waterproof clothing, a hat and gloves help and so does a walking staff.  A camera and notebook (or phone app) are useful, and bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water too. Donations welcome after the walk.