• Christian: 72%
  • No religion: 16%
  • Muslim: 3%
  • Hindu: 1%
  • Figures from 2001 Census
  • In British Attitudes Survey in 2010, 43% were Christian and 51% no religion

… figures posted in the 2011 Census in which I took part! I’m pagan. I said so on the census form, but only the “religions of the book” and Hindu get an up-front mention. Where do I come? In the “no religion” bit? But my tradition is the oldest on the Earth, let alone in Britain, hundreds of thousands of years before the christians came and killed my people.

Like all conquerors, the Christians did (and still do) their best to weed out, kill out, everything that is not them. Now, think about this … “christian” values have been the cause of more wars over the 2000 years it’s been going than all the things that went before. Animism, paganism, does not have the ego-problems that christians have with trying to stay on the top of the dunghill as “top” creature – humans given dominion over all life (!!!). Animists know the spirit (the anima) in all life, animals, plants, rocks, soil, even cars and fridges and your mobile phone! Mark … I said know, not belief. To believe something implies doubt. When you work every day with spirit you don’t have doubts, not possible. It’s like if I throw a bucket of water over you … you don’t believe you’re wet, you absolutely know it! You’re possibly a tad cross too. Anyone who works everyday with something knows its reality, it’s only those who don’t who question.

Now … let’s set about getting a bit of sense about what pagan is.

The word pagan comes from the Latin paganus which means “of the land”. Pagans are of the land, of the land where they live. They respect the land, the Earth, and all life (yes all, down to the last microbe, virus and atom) with which we share Planet Earth. They also know that human beings are the youngest species of life on Earth, that we are “new boy on the block” and that (as such) we must respect and listen to our elders … and our elders are all the rest of Life. Pagans respect all life and do their best to live lightly in the world leaving as little footprint as possible.

Now let’s kill another myth while we’re about it … pagans have nothing to do with weirdos who eat babies or any of the other crap put about by christians to discredit us! If you look at the christians, who is it who buggers little boys and gropes little girls most? Catholic priests! Is this a christian value we want to have? Seeing humans as the top species, “in god’s image” as they say, has only encouraged all the life-killing things like selfishness, pollution, greed, knowing best, war, separatism (them and us) and drawing away of skirts (to quote their own stories) that keep people from caring about each other. Is that what we want?

Well, it ain’t what I want. Nor is it what other pagans want. Please the gods we can get back to being a pagan country again, with caring and tolerance for all life; sitting in circle without hierarchy to order us about; being heard and listened to rather than ignored or said to be stupid; where government is about doing what the people want, not what the rulers want or think is best. And so much more.

Cameron, get a grip, go get a life, get our of our hair, retire, resign, go play somewhere you can’t do any more harm. And take all the rest of your “knows-best” crew with you. Britain is not a christian country, it has christians who live here but there are many and many who are not. Christian values have screwed up the Earth and caused the death of so many millions of people – we do not want them.