Bridge from one year to the next ...

The change of the Calendar year, we go from 2011 to 2012. Many people feel this will be a time of massive change and, with the economic dissatisfaction of so many people in the world I hope change will come about. Human beings in general live in struggle with/against the Earth rather than in harmony with her.

There are many things we can each do to change that, they all start from taking a good look at what and who each of us is right now. In order to change we have to see what we are  before we can successfully change anything. There’s an old adage I use with students and healing clients … you cannot change anything but yourself but when you change yourself you see the world change around you. That’s really worth taking to heart and reminding yourself of every day and especially today, the last day of the old year.

My spirit practice for this day each year is to make a list, well 2 lists actually. I make 2 columns on a sheet of paper; in one column I write all the things that have worked, succeeded through the year, things that have made me smile, given joy; in the other column I write all the things that have failed, not worked, made me unhappy through the year.

Then I light the candle, put a cup of water on the altar, put some of the soil from the garden into another cup, burn some scented oil or incense and sit in my sacred space with these two lists. I ask my familiars to come into the space with me and give me their thoughts on the lists and I listen to them, they have insights my brain often doesn’t want to see :-). I ponder on the things I’ve written, and I ask the things themselves to remind me how things worked well and how they went wrong. Some years the unhappy list is longer, others the happy list is longest, I listen to my familiars and to the spirits of the things themselves on how this has come about.

This gives me perspective on the year. I see things whole and in proportion. And I see my own part in each of the things. This way, I see better who and what I am … and the work with my familiars shows me what to change and what not to. I have something of the bigger picture.

If there is something that I am very concerned about, either happening now or looming in the future, I then write this down and sit with it, with my familiar spirits, for a while. This gives my familiars space to show and tell me how they see this issue and, again, gives me perspective on it.

When all is pondered sufficiently for the time I burn the list and the issue in the candle flame asking, as the smoke rises, that it carry my wish for an appropriate outcome into spirit. At the same time I say I will keep my eyes and ears open to watch for the signs spirit will show me … make a mental note to my brain to do just that!

I’ve found this so helpful over the years, do try it, it seems spirit likes to work this way with us.

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