Spring Song from Kathryn Byrd

I am the lamb
That makes all your spring days fun
And I am the heat that turns your face to the sun
I AM THE light that through the darkness night will find you

I am the lady
Who waits in every flower for you
I am the web of life that flows within you
And I am the rain that freshens every autumn morning
I am the meadow and the birds that are flying free there
I am the cunning fox that watches every dancing hare
And I am the winds and the wild sea that gives you freedom
For You

I am the path that leads you on your way
And I am the magic of every season that’s turning round for you
And I am the mists that makes the view magic for you
I am every road that you have ever found the hardest
I am the memory of life that has gone before you
And When you look for me remember I am standing near you

Do you see the beauty of my blessing on you?
The purity of our lands, the light within me
Can you tell that I hold the secret key for you?

You can see me in every leaf and forest tree
And in the beauty of our earth the great winds of the skies
Even when you are dark I am the bright star to guide you