First Light …

92 squadron with spitfire

92 Squadron pilot & Spitfire

first light 1

actor from First Light who plays Geoffrey Wellum

92 squadron real life

92 Squadron in 1942

Just watching the film First Light – film about the actual life of one of the Battle of Britain pilots, Geoffrey Wellum. He was eighteen years and nine months when he joined 92 Squadron and had no hours on Spitfires. It’s very good, very real, and absolutely fills my heart.

Last night I watched the latest episode of Spooks, the one where they at last get rid of the useless, wet and very dangerous Tom Quinn.

You know, I really hope we don’t have another war.

What if all the young men are as stupid and useless as Quinn?

Do they make young lads like Geoffrey Wellum any more?

If not we’re well and truly fucked …