lavender fairy Cicely Mary Barker

Eyebright I called her.

Something Daddy used to say, I can’t remember.

But I called her Eyebright.


Standing on tip-toe, she just reached the bottom of the lavender.

She wasn’t very tall.

But then it didn’t matter much,

She’d fly up, hovering,

With her wings all buzzing and shimmering in the sunlight,

Put her nose into the blossom.

lavender bee

Lavender was longer than her head.

Perhaps the scent was so much bigger too.

I never thought to ask.


Eyebright was my friend.

She was in the lavender near my swing after Mummy died.

It was her tussock where I put the wreath of pink roses

From the pile on top of the box they said Mummy was in.

But she wasn’t, there wasn’t anything in the box.

Certainly not Mummy.

I’d have felt if she was in the box and I couldn’t,

So she wasn’t.


Why did they insist she was?