Love this! And so true. We really do need more of this clarity, conformism and conforming are just not what pagans are or do; yelling insults is about being so scared and insecure you have to “kill” anyone who doesn’t think like you. Does this remind you of regimes all around the world, past and present, of course it does! Being pagan is not about “joining”, as Tan rightly says it’s about “being” – and herding kittens rightly describes the unity-in-diversity which this is.

Earth Blog – Tan Harvey


Following a ‘discussion’ on social media which turned into a one-sided tirade of abuse against me for expressing an opinion, I made a mental note to observe the frequency of this type of happen-stance.

What crime had I committed to attract such a tirade? I had expressed an opinion that we should recognise that we all have emotions such as anger and aggressiveness (females as well as males) and that they were not as had been expressed ‘negative’ emotions. My point was that it is not the existence of the emotion that is negative or positive; it is how we react to said emotion that is the negative or positive action.

So what has this to do with Pagan and what happen-stance did I intend to observe the frequency of? read more here