If you want to know about and work with the Minoan tradition go here. Laura Perry knows her stuff and also knows how to help you grasp it too. Laura’s been immersed in these old ways for a long time, they’re in her bones, she lives them and so is well able to transmit them to those who want to know.

I fell in love with Crete, bull-dancing and the snake-goddess when I was about eleven years old through reading Mary Renault’s “The King Must Die”, and I still re-read that book every couple of years now. For a long time (and maybe still) Oxford University used to recomened beginning Greats students to read her before they came up for their first term, she’s that good historically as well as being a wonderful storyteller. So that’s where “Greece” began for me, but Laura helps me take it further.

If you like Tarot, her Minoan tarot is a very good one to work with. The images jump off the cards to greet you, i find it very easy to engage with them and hear what they have to tell me. Her online classes are an excellent way to begin your journey into the old Minoan ways, especially if you get her books Ariadne’s Thread and Labrys & Horns to go with it. And, actually, I find using the Minoan Colouring Book is a great way to go daydreaming (a European form of journeying) to discover how that thread of Ariadne’s works inside yourself.

So … for another of our old European shamanic ways have a look at Laura’s site … it might just be for you 🙂