I just have to reblog this, for the sakes of all those who haven’t a clue what life was like before 1948 – yes a mere 69 years ago! – and actually believe what the Tories say. For all the gods’ sakes, please read this. Is this what you want for your future and that of your children ???

A midwife with a penchant for gin delivered me into the arms of my exhausted mother on a cold, blustery day in February 1923. I slept that night in my new crib, a dresser drawer beside her bed, unaware of the troubles that surrounded me. Because my dad was a coal miner, we lived rough and ready in the hardscrabble Yorkshire town of Barnsley. Money and happiness didn’t come easily for the likes of us.

Source: A eulogy to the NHS: What happened to the world my generation built? | Society | The Guardian