Arable Land, Population & Vegetarianism

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations the world’s Arable land amounted to 1,407 M hectares, out of a total 4,924 M hectares of land used for agriculture, as at the year 2013.

We use over 1/4 of the Earth’s land to grow veg, mostly for humans. That’s land that is not much good for most wildlife, it also disrupts their natural migration routes, and it starves and poisons them because of monoculture. If we all went veggie imagine what havoc and death we would cause, including yet more extinctions. And, because of our ploughing, we would wreck the mycorrhizal system completely. We’ve already caused enormous damage to it by our agriculture over the past 6-10 thousand years, and in the past 250 years in particular.

We must stop. And stopping means praying for a goodly plague to wipe out 6.5 billion humans very fast. When this happens, the Earth will be able to get herself in balance again, for all life and not just wretched humans.

The picture shows a green desert – arable land on the huge scale necessary to feed the vast overpopulation we humans have achieved over the past 10,000 years, and most especially over the past 250 years, since the industrial revolution. All this land has been stolen from the rest of life with whom we’re supposed to share this planet. But we don’t share – we take. We think human life is somehow more special and sacred than any other life, and that all life was put here for our use. The Bible is one of the major contributors to this frightful idea. Humans are the youngest species on Planet Earth, we’ve been around for maybe 3 million years – do the maths and work out what proportion of 4.5 billion years that actually is – it’s infinitesimal! And again, we mostly think of ourselves as god’s gift to creation, the most advanced, the most intelligent, and all that crap – but we’re not, we’re the most destructive species on Earth. And we have to stop that.

Stopping being destructive means changing all those attitudes that make us believe we’re the pinnacle of creation. It also means we have to be prepared to die. And it means we must stop our daft idea that humans must be preserved at all costs.

That picture – do you think it shows a good ecology? If so you’re utterly wrong. It shows a massive monoculture-style environment that is not much use to anything but the arable plants being grown there. It’s no good for habitat, has no diversity of animal or vegetable population, so gives no food or shelter for anything. And to maintain it requires massive, massive energy input! It’s green energy-footprint is non-existent! Bet you didn’t realise that.

So, don’t let yourself believe that agriculture is good for the planet – it isn’t. Agriculture steals – yes steals – habitat from all those other creatures and plants we’re supposed to be sharing Planet Earth with. And arable agriculture – i.e. growing vegetables – is the worst form of this because it does not allow for any diversity, and requires such an enormous energy-input to maintain the vegetable growth, and an enormous energy-input to harvest the vegetables. Even the energy-input for organic arable agriculture is massive.

Growing animals – unless you do it the American way of grain-fed cattle – is a bit less destructive. Organic farming of animals allows for their animal dung to go into the land, as nature intends it to do. The dung encourages insects and plant species, and so encourages diversity. Animal agriculture still steals land though, and it cuts down forests but perhaps not on quite such a scale as arable does. Think of all the myriad ecology that a forest contains which helps to maintain all life on Earth.

And I must add, where in the wild do you see cattle eating grain? Now don’t say when they get in a farmer’s field! I mean the real wild (what little is left of it, not stolen and desecrated by humans) where there is no farming. Cattle are forest animals, related to deer, they eat trees and leaves, rough plants and heather as well as grass – if they have the opportunity. If you look at the dung from wild cattle you’ll see it’s in roundish balls, not cow pats like in the arable fields. This is because the wild cattle have a properly diverse diet, the cattle in fields (poor souls) have to live on grass which gives too much nitrogen and makes their dung loose. But most humans know so little about anything nowadays they don’t realise that.

No, none of this is “the answer”. The answer isn’t about changing what we eat. The answer is to get rid of most of ourselves. Once the human population is back down to 1 billion, or a bit less, as it was in 1800 (yes, only 250 years ago!) then Planet Earth has the opportunity to heal and mend and repair herself.

So, let’s stop all this vegetarian/vegan crap thinking and get our acts together. Let’s learn that death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Let’s pray for Planet Earth to bring on a really good plague (flu is ideal because it can mutate between on person and the next) and allow most of ourselves to get out of the way and stop wrecking the planet.

Terrifying? Yes, I dare say it is to many. I can hear the yelps, “But I don’t want to die! I don’t want to lose my loved ones!” And the bitchy cries of “What about you then?” meaning I don’t include myself in the deaths. Silly people, of course I do. But I’m not afraid of dying, nor of losing my loved ones.

It’s a huge attitude change. And it requires we remember the old ways and understand again about reincarnation. No, I don’t “believe” in reincarnation, as Jung said, “I know”. And everyone can get to that knowing, not believing or hoping but knowing it absolutely, in your bones. Once you do, the whole world changes round you and all the old fears just do not exist any longer. And you can get your head around population, around billions of people dying and you not being terrified of that as most are now.

It’s the only way forward. I’m certainly looking forward to this change from the current 7.6 billion people down to under 1 billion. And I don’t mind if I’m one of the ones to go. I care about the Earth far more than I care about myself, or my loved ones. I want her to become beautiful again instead of in pain and suffering as she is now, and for everything that lives to have a good environment – bring it on.

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