As vampires feature large in my latest novel, The Talisman, (just being edited now – then to find an agent!) I’m going to begin this blog with a quote from there …

That’s what vampires did, sucked the life-energy out of everything they touched. Fiona had done it to her all the years they were together, carefully indeed, not wanting to kill her from greed, but stealthily, a bit here, a bit there. Jehanne knew it now.

I’ve known about vampires all my life, Dad taught me about them from a wee kiddie as, despite popular mythology, they’re alive and well and kicking, and seemingly becoming more and more numerous. Now, before we go any further, let’s stop thinking Hammer Horror movie and Twilight, very few actually subsist on blood but I do have to admit the thought of them doing so is ghoulishly attractive! Unfortunately, most vampires live on energy, other people’s energy, and they’re super-hard to spot especially among those you think of as friends. Ouch! Yes I heard that! And yes, amongst your friends is a good place to begin looking, probably amongst your family too.

Small but useful diversion … all life actually lives on energy, not on food! It’s a fact of biology and chemistry. Your digestive system – mouth, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, bowel – are one helluva a chemical plant that takes matter, stuff, the material things you put in your mouth, and converts them to energy. We’re not as good at it as green plants, the process of photosynthesis is stunningly simple and effective, it converts sunlight and carbon dioxide into food energy! Wow! Yes … and Mother Nature has been doing that successfully for circa 3 billion years. Think we have a tad of catching up to do LOL. So we don’t actually live on food either, any more than vampires do.
But … big difference, we organise our own energy on however we choose to get our food, and that includes our work, gardening, shopping, the whole jolly boiling of living. Vampires steal energy from those who already have it, have made their own way of getting food-energy into their bodies through their way of life.

Everybody has had times when they say, “You know, when so-and-so comes into the room I just feel so drained,” or you get a real downer-vibe from some people, or some meetings leave you feeling lifeless, some parties too. Yup, you’ve got it, you’re in proximity to a vampire.

They’re oh so subtle too. Usually people you want to feel are really lovely, have all your best interests at heart, seem to care for you, give you presents, offer to help out. At some stage, and it may take an outsider to point it out, you’ll begin to feel that you’re being put upon, used, and sooner or later you’ll realise you’re being controlled. Then you may feel you want to get the hell out of there … and discover that’s easier said than done.

So how do you get out from under with a vampire? Well, the stories and horror films do have a point and one in particular gets it pretty right, that’s Colin Wilson’s The Space Vampires. It’s not the most brilliantly written book so you might find it a bit of a hard read but if you want to know more Wilson is certainly on the right track. By the way, don’t go for the film, it’s utter crap! But the way out is about recycling – about making sure the vampire’s current body get recycled asap because it’s so polluted with using other people’s energy there’s no way it can unlearn that addiction. Sounds drastic? Yes, and so it is, especially to our modern culture where death is feared and run from all the time – think about it, how often did your parents talk about death with you? How often do you talk about it with your children? But the only absolute certainty you have in life is that you will die! Seems a bit daft? Yup!

I’m not suggesting a vigilante war on vampires! But I am saying that when you begin to realise you’ve been had by one the way out is going to be quite likely violent and upsetting. For starters, your vampire is not going to appreciate having her or his meal taken away! They’ll fight back and, from my own experience helping people escape, that can get very nasty. Add in that even those of us who’ve been working with these things for ages cannot do it for you – it’s something (like all healing) you really do have to do for yourself. Only by doing it can you become a new person who can no longer be latched onto by energy suckers.

And another thing to add in is that we all, every single one of us, has vampire tendencies in us! Ouch again! Yes, we really do. A big part of becoming one is being selfish and just look around you at the number of people who “in it for me”! Everyone is encourage to think of and strengthen their egos, even little kids, everyone get all hoity-toity if somebody tells them they’re wrong, parents go yell at teachers who’ve disciplined their little pains-n-the-arse when they’ve disrupted the whole class and made the other kids lives hell. What about bullies too? Often encouraged by bullying parents. The list goes on, I’m sure you can add to it for yourself. Do add in business men, people in powerful positions, CEOs and such like, and politicians too. And don’t just think it’s men! Women are usually even better at it than men and far more subtle, harder to discern. Pretty well anyone who says they have your best interests at heart is at least a beginner-vampire! Shocking, eh?
Selfishness is a power thing. Wanting power-over whatever or whoever.

There is a different sort of power – enabling power. That’s about the ability to help others become themselves, their real selves not just their ego-self. That sort of power doesn’t want to control the person but is about offering them opportunities. Unfortunately, once a vampire has got good at what they do the energy they need is far more than they can get from their own efforts. Not all of the types of people I’ve mentioned above are vampires, don’t make the mistake of generalisation, but it’s a very easy trap to fall into once you start climbing the greasy pole of promotion, kudos, hierarchy, ownership, all that shit. You don’t want to lose what you have so you cling onto it and so begins the rot.

So vampires are all around us, I’m sure you know one even though you’d not realised it before. While cure is certainly possible it’s even better not to go there in the first place. How do we do that? One funny little word really helps – honesty. Spend a moment thinking about just how honest you are with yourself. Are you able to admit when you got something wrong, been a bastard or even a pain in the arse? Are you able to say “No”? Can you tell someone to their face that you actually don’t like them? The questions get harder don’t they? Try writing the answers down – you don’t have to show them to anyone, just see them yourself.
I’ll bet you’re saying, “Oh but that would be unkind, I couldn’t do that,” to some of the questions. But try to be I a place, on your own, where you can admit that there are times and people when you really do want to say some of these things. We all do, sometimes.

Now, think about this … the vampire knows this too, will work her or his way with you by making you feel guilty and bad if you say no, ask them to go away, say you don’t want to be friends, or whatever. So there you are, you’ve bitten the fly, the hook is firmly stuck in your mouth now, the vampire can begin to play you however they wish.
Well, I’ve given some clues but not too many answers – that’s me LOL. Maybe it’s opened up your perspective a bit. That’s well worth doing, a deeper and wider perspective enables us to get closer to clairvoyance … that word is French and means clear sighted! We all need to be as clear sighted as possible 😊

her latest novel

The Talisman is going to find an agent over the winter, when it succeeds it’ll go to a publisher – this all takes time, so don’t hold your breath but I hope it will come out in print/e-book circa 2020. In the meantime you might enjoy Moon Song and Owl Woman