Some review quotes of Elen of the Ways …

Elen Sentier has a wonderful way of communicating the history and essence of our inter-connection with nature and ‘Mother Earth’. The book softly puts us in our place amongst (and certainly not above) the animals, plants and minerals etc., explaining how we all make up the cycles and flows of life-energy which our ancestors were much more closely connected to – and which much of modern life has lost touch with. There is a peace in this understanding and an important message for humanity.
The book is wise, up-lifting and written with kindness and spirit. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reconnecting themselves with more Earthly things than the materialistic, worryingly unsustainable lifestyles that most of us find ourselves in today.

Highly recommended as a corrective in a world where loss of connection with nature (and thus spirit) is so prevalent. Elen Sentier describes herself as “awenydd, a spirit weaver and tale keeper from a long family lineage”. The word is from British Celtic tradition, but it is being used to name a quality of being extending back much further in time, and of universal application. “Walking the deer trods is to learn how close we are to nature … how we are connected to anything whether or not it appears inanimate and this is what the awenydd knows”. The presiding spirit of this path is the elusive deer goddess Elen, Elen of the Ways, who the author encountered as a young adult, thereby entering a lifetime of service to her. This book is about both context and story of this service, an invitation to “open yourself to Elen’s complex, multiple and beautiful ways”.

At last a book written about the very ancient shamanism of Britain written by someone Elen Sentier who is steeped in the old ways of our ancestors. Through this book she takes the reader on a remarkable journey into the Boreal Forest which Britain is still part of and by doing so invites us to re-connect to the Deer Goddess who is the spirit of this land Elen of the Ways.
Elen uses beautiful stories, recounts her own experience’s and invites you on a remarkable journey which shows how we are all connected and can work both in our everyday world and the otherworld if we apply ourselves.
Not the biggest or longest book you will ever read on traditional British Shamanism of which there appears to be very little but believe me when I say it will be amongst one of the best.