This lovely little video from the Barn Owl trust shows how to create good habitat for wildlife. It also shows just how much our farming steals from the natural world, especially arable farming. Arable farming is farming crops as opposed to farming animals, growing all your bean and pulses, potatoes, cabbages, carrots and stuff like that, and grains of course too, for bread, pasta, rice, etc. It also shows how useful cattle are in maintaining and enabling that habitat.

All of that is not what we’re usually told! We’re usually encouraged to think arable farming is good for wildlife and kind to it, and kind to animals as well – not so! If we think about that it makes sense. Nature, Mother Earth, has organised herself over the past 4.7 billion years to have a proper mix of animals and plants, predators and prey, and she thrives on that along with all her creatures. It’s 7 billion too many humans who screw things up for her – far, far, far too many!

It’s seriously arrogant to think Mother Nature made a mistake in her design and that we humans can fix it for her! She desperately needs for this story of how habitat works, how to create and enable it, to be told far and wide. ONly so will humans (perhaps) learn to stop knowing best, to watch and learn rather than getting into some emotional tizzy and trying to fix Her. the only fixing Mother Earth needs is fr humans to get out of the way!