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This is the most reader-friendly numerology book we’ve come across! Numerologists use numbers to discover how people work, what makes them tick, because numbers are a code for life. The numbers of one’s birth provide the clues to the pattern of that incarnation. Knowing the pattern enables us to bring more of it to light, to consciousness, and so helps us grow. Bringing one’s self to consciousness can be very difficult and painful, but until we do we have no chance of being whole. Becoming whole helps the whole planet and everything that lives and breathes and has its being thereon. This is an innovative and inspirational book.


Laura Perry, author of Ariadne’s Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives
Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time is not just another volume full of number and letter charts. Far deeper and more profound than that, it’s an exploration of the rhythms and cycles of numbers as they affect our lives, from daily activities to the arc of a lifetime’s spiritual path. Dig into the ways the patterns of time affect you via your conception and birth dates, with nuances of day, month, year, and century – yes, they all matter. Delve into the connections between given and chosen names and the direction of your life path. What goes around, comes around, so let Elen Sentier take you on a journey of discovery through the spiralling mysteries of the numbers. I really enjoyed it, learned new things even though I’ve been studying numerology for years.
Rachel Patterson, author of the Kitchen Witchcraft series, Witchcraft into the Wilds & Animal Magic
If you are interested in learning more about numerology then this is the book to read. Elen Sentier takes you on a journey using her own stories and years of experience to help explain the meaning behind it all. Numbers, balances and patterns and how they all relate to each other, and to you as a person. Fascinating for anyone that wants to delve into number magic.
Brendan Howlin, author of The Handbook of Urban Druidry and The Urban Ovate
A fascinating and enjoyable read revealing the mysteries of numbers to the uninitiated. It even taught this numerical scientist a thing or two!
Imelda Almqvist, international teacher of sacred art and shamanism, author of Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life
To help you make up your mind about buying and reading this book, let me quote one line from it that says it all: “Numbers dance the patterns of life and of time”. Elen Sentier’s book is not only about numbers it is about Life and how numbers play their sacred role in the miracle that is Life. If you are not convinced yet, here are two more lines: “We old ones have kept our ways hidden in plain sight for over two thousand years now” and “As far as I can discover neither Eliade nor Harner ever came to speak with us old ones in Britain” – when one of the old ones, from a family line of cunning folk, is willing to share her deep ancestral knowing and medicine teachings in a book – you pre-order your copy!!
Jay Ramsey author & poet
In her usual engaging and soulful way, Elen Sentier explores a complex and ancient guide to identity and destiny that comes out of an awareness now radical for us: that the universe is actually an orderly place where number, shape, pattern and relationship coincide, all mirroring each other.