A new way of looking at the ogham

Morgan Daimler: Author. My own approach to tree lore and the Ogham is entirely traditional so I found Elen Sentier’s book a fascinating look into an entirely different approach to the subject. Elen weaves together the older material with a wide array of modern material, including insights from Robert Graves’ book the White Goddess, moon lore, metal associations, and spiritual concepts. She also includes a lot of tree and plant lore and some different deity related material. She covers the 20 Ogham by breaking them up into the 12 months of the year, each month with a chapter which contains 1 or 2 Ogham. Towards the end she also discusses mistletoe and how to connect to the energies of the trees and plants as well as how to make your own Ogham staves. Ultimately this book is not about the academic history of the Ogham or the historic beliefs and practices associated with them, but is about the author’s vision of the living symbols of the trees and how they can be connected to and worked with today.

Llyn Roberts, MA, author of The Good Remembering, Shamanic Reiki and Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness. A beautiful tribute to the nature beings that refresh our Planet and our spirit, Trees of the Goddess is a portal to deep feminine wisdom ways – a guidebook that will make the mystery and magic of trees come alive for all who read.

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Packed with lived, experienced wisdom of the trees and how they were associated with each month of our year in Celtic culture which is making a revival as we re-learn how to care about and for our natural environment. I have found it inspiring and created a New Year ritual with a birch log (new beginnings) which engaged the whole family and enabled u to share our gratitude for 2015 and our hopes for 2016. I strongly recommend it. It is a short, clear and very readable book.

This book brought me back to my love of nature, tree spirits, trees energies, that I had long forgotten from when I was a child. Trees and woods have always been friendly places to be for me. Thank you, this book guided me back like a memory long forgotten.