• APPLICATIONS open again from 12th Jan 2018 please complete and send the application form  after  when we will begin a conversation. 
  • There are 4-6 places available each year.
  • Applications – in a WORD document – must be with me by the end of July each year. 

You’ll find the videos about two of our famous native shamans on the British Native Shamanism page useful too.

The apprenticeship lasts a year and begins on 31st October each year. It leads you onto the path of following the deer trods for yourself, giving you the underlying precepts and settling you into good working habits.

The work is done on-line and comes to you, each season, as an email attachment in a Word document. You send your homework back to me as a Word document. I read it and send it back to you, annotated with my feedback, again in Word.

There is the opportunity to spend time working with me at my house, during the year. Students can arrange visits as a group or 1-1, see the Fees page. During this time we often go out to work at local sacred sites, of which there are quite a few within 15 miles of me, as well as working at home and in the garden. My home is on a major ley line which connects with the Michael-Mary and the Belenius lines.

Apprentice Workshop 

The 5-day workshop on Exmoor is in February each year and you will find it very valuable. We spend 5 days together after you’ve done the first two lessons, so you now have an idea of what’s going on; after the workshop you will really be able get to grips with how to do the work.

The workshop is based in a group of comfortable cottage in the heart of the Moor. My assistant does the cooking and you do the washing up with the aid of a dishwasher if you like :-). You need a car, or to arrange car-sharing between you, in order to get to the Moor and for transport to the sites and walks.

We will be working out in the wilds of Exmoor in the early spring, after Imbolc when the land is coming to life again, it’s very beautiful. As the land awakens, she helps you awaken yourself, climb out of the box you’ve lived in all your life up to now, and so be able to go forward into the rest of the year feeling much stronger. The work with the land, here on Exmoor, helps you know-in-your-bones how to work-with the spirits of nature, of place, of the land and of the Earth herself, you become friends. We work three Bronze Age barrows; you cross a dragon-skeleton – an ancient Bronze Age bridge which was an ancient path of the dead and bridge between worlds; you follow a circular riddle-walk across more bridges, meet more dragons and maybe a troll, to find your way home. You climb Exmoor’s “mountain”, the stronghold of Ceridwen which she shares with Gwyn ap Nudd, and you also go out walking completely alone, learning how to be with and listen to the land. You can also go out under the stars, ask for dreams from Elen of the Ways and her antlered partner, Gwyn ap Nudd. We finish with work at a stone circle. As well as work at sacred sites and walking the deer trods in land, you’ll do daydream-work, drumming, dancing, and singing. And, as well as group work, you have plenty of time to yourself, to absorb and digest what you’ve done.

It’s your chance to learn-by-doing, as I did in my childhood, and share the experience with your fellow students – and I’m there to guide and help.


Applications for the apprenticeship need to be with me by the end of July, or earlier as this year there are already a couple of students lining themselves up for the 2017 entry and I only take 4-6 apprentices each year. Also, the course begins on 31st October and there is pre-course work for you to do before your first lesson arrives in mid-October. Your application begins a conversation between us which helps you discover if what I have is what you want

After completing the apprenticeship you may choose to go on to the advanced 3-year training, Rainbow Warriors. We can discuss this towards the end of your apprenticeship year.

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Here’s what some of the students have said about the apprenticeship … 

P Harris, Young Person’s Adviser

Elen’s Awenydd Apprenticeship is not for the faint hearted. I have grown more than I can explain, I feel a sense of belonging and understanding with all creation like never before. I have explored my purpose and faced fear safely in the knowledge that Elen is there supporting, guiding and holding me as I journey to discover places I never knew existed. Elen has a no nonsense approach to empowering her student and enabling them to expand and rediscover that which has been long forgotten within.

Elen’s teaching is on the one hand subtle and the other deep and dramatic. The journey unfolds slowly and like a jigsaw the picture becomes clearer each step of the way. The apprenticeship for me has brought together and grounded my beliefs that are now a natural way of life for me. I have rediscovered my connection with the land, with Otherworld, with my ancestors and with EVERYTHING.

I have gained so much from my work with Elen and would thoroughly recommend anyone thinking about the apprenticeship to get in contact with Elen. You too can explore who you are, what you are and why you are using the Celtic traditions.

Elizabeth Neagle, Manager in the corporate world and budding soil farmer
If you’re interested in a bolt-on approach to shamanism grounded in the beliefs and lives of other cultures, then look away. If you’re drawn to a way of being that grounds you in the earth and mysteries of these isles, then get curious. Elen provides an opening, which, should you choose it, wakes you up. I have found that I’m slowly getting familiar with “kenning” or “knowing”; an art lost to me for most of my life. I am changed, and continue to change. I feel different and approach life differently. I feel found and part of a much wider community, made up of a myriad of creatures and friends. I urge you to explore further.
Julie Wood, MNIMH Herbalist. Elen Sentier’s Awenydd Apprenticeship has opened all my senses to co-creation with spiritworld. Learning Celtic shamanic practice with Elen has been an amazing experience so far but it comes with a word of warning – she’ll stretch you in new ways, make you question “normality” and you’ll be changed for sure! Very exciting stuff!

Kathryn Byrd, Singer & Song Writer with Devonbird: The Apprentice Course was quite literally a life changing year for me having been on several courses before and always searching this course delivered above and beyond. You are taught by the excellent Elen Sentier‚ who provides support and teachings along the way and guides you to embrace the spiritual and shamanic Celtic practices into your everyday life. It’s your journey so your uniqueness and path becomes clear along an amazing year. It’s difficult to explain but Elen teaches the old learning of spirituality being part of your life not something that is separate it really is a revelation and I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about Celtic shamanic practices their purpose and themselves. I cannot thank Elen enough for the support this year has quite literally changed my life !! I am now on the next course Rainbow Warriors fantastic !!