The apprenticeship takes you along the path from the unknowing person you are now to someone who knows themselves and so is able to know thisworld and otherworld. It’s hard and difficult work, it turns you inside-out and upside-down, it shreds you, challenges all your current belief systems; and so it changes you, enables you to become self-aware and, through that, aware of all the worlds around you, seen and unseen. It requires you to keep jumping off cliffs, keep taking yourself way out of your comfort zone into a place where you know nothing, in order to learn who you are. As Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” and Pythagoras said, ” know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe” – both of them were right. the apprenticeship is a journey into doing both, it will change you fundamentally and, through this change, you will begin learn about how both spirit and matter – are constructed and how they work together to form one whole. Our old ways are very inclusive, and/and, lwe do spirit-and-matter not spirit-or-matter.

The 1 yr Apprenticeship begins at Samhain each year, 31st Oct.

Before that you will have gone through the application conversations with me and so know more about what you’re going in for. And there are the pre-course notes which I try to get to students at least by Autumn Equinox so they can work themselves in with the exercises before the actual course begins.

The work is done through the 8 seasons of the year, and largely online and alone. The point is to enable you to make your own relationship with otherworld and being on your own for this really helps, we all tend to talk to and rely on our friends on the workshop and so lose concentration on what we’re really doing. The Facebook page allows for chat, sharing, asking questions, and I want you to use it for all this, but it still means you’re on your own when you actually do the work. I send you the work in a Word doc either by email or Messenger, you send me your homework (at the end of the season) in a Word doc the same way. You can include .JPG pix if you like too.

The apprenticeship costs also include 3 group visits to my home to work with me during the year; we arrange this on an ad-hoc basis. Students can also come individually for extra work with me, including working through problems and personal issues but I do charge extra for this.


Exmoor cottage

Then there is the 5-day workshop in March after the first 3 lessons. It happens in the wilds of Exmoor.

We stay in a very comfy cottage, down narrow lanes and far from anywhere. From the doorstep, you can walk out onto the moor, the hills and woods, with wildlife all around and many ancient, sacred places.

Deer sometimes come to graze on the grass in front of the cottage windows. You’ll likely see foxes, hares, rabbits, badgers, little mice and maybe water voles in the rivers – think Ratty in Wind in the Willows. Ravens, hawks and falcons fly overhead. You visit ancient sites and work at them, walk the ancient paths and sing them, and sing the streams and rivers too. In the cottage there is no noise or light pollution. There’s very little mobile network coverage either although it is possible with some providers. And the cottage has no wi-fi.

You arrive on the Friday evening, get over the drive, have dinner and we chat. We also do some drumming, dancing and singing too.  The Saturday we do the opening ritual at a stone circle high on the moor. We also make sure you can use maps, know how to be in the wild, and plan your first walk. Days 2, 3 and 4, you go out walking alone on the moor for several hours; this gives you the opportunity to listen to and speak with the spirits of place and the Lady of the land as well as all the other spirits who will come if you ask them. Day 5, the final day, we spend around the cottage again, doing a daydream-journey to the Lord of the Land and thanking him, and the Lady, for all they’ve taught us over the workshop time. We finish the day with a feast.

Being Awenydd

The course is NOT about our old ways, it’s an immersion into them, not academic but experiential. You learn how we work by actually doing it; how to journey as we do in the old ways which is different from most shamanic courses, how to work with you Familiar spirit(s) and your Teacher, and how to work with the Ancestors. our old ways are different from those of other ancient peoples around the world, as they should be indeed, for each people works with the ways of the spirit of the land where they live.  Most of all, it shows you how to work with yourself and enable yourself to tune in … and know when it’s really happening and when you’re kidding yourself. Without this knowing (we call it kenning) you won’t manage to walk between the worlds without crashing.

The whole process of the apprenticeship is to learn how to work with otherworld without needing any props, plants, regalia, or anything but what you stand up in and (to quote Gollum) what you have in your pocketses :-). This is how the awenydd, works – knowing that everything she or he may need will always be there at the moment when it’s needed. As you may imagine, this is quite a big leap for most people but the year’s training does work, apprentices come out of it well able to be with otherworld..

  • With regard to fees, I’m happy to do instalments if this is easier.
  • Students who have done the apprenticeship may then be invited to continue onto the 3-year advanced training, Rainbow Warriors.

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