Rainbow Warriors is the 3-year advanced course which I may be able offer to those who’ve successfully completed the Apprenticeship, and who are able and willing to go further. There are 4 places each year.

  • It is ONLY available to those who have successfully completed the Apprenticeship
  • Cost: £1,400/year
  • I can accept the fees in instalments – £175 deposit by 1st Sep each year, followed by 7 monthly .payments of £175
  • Cost includes all tuition for 8 lessons/year + feedback: and tuition, accommodation and food at the annual 5-day workshop which happens in autumn each year.

The course is profound and hard work. It involves you very deeply in the ways otherworld and thisworld work together. It will also affect every aspect of your life and you will find yourself including the work in whatever job you do in everyday life, and it will enhance that job, and it will affect your relationships with everyone and everything. It truly is about becoming a worker and a walker between worlds.

This is what awenyddion, (how we call shamans in Britain) have always done throughout the whole history of humankind, and that history is likely over 3 million years and could be more. and we have had spirit keepers in Britain for maybe 1 million years according to the latest archaeology. Our old ways have been secret and hidden for the past 2,000 years but they’re still here, and have continued to be carried by old ones (including my family and others in the places where I grew up) for all that time, hidden in plain sight.

The old ways continually evolve, nothing stands still and everything changes all the time, from moment to moment. We old ones know this and work with it, growing and evolving ourselves along with otherworld and thisworld. The skills you learn on Rainbow Warriors are easily usable and applicable to the 21st century world … and our Mother Earth wants them used.

If this interests you, email me at elensentier@googlemail.com so we can discuss it but remember, you must do the Apprenticeship first as this will help you get our old ways into your bones so you can work freely with them when it comes to the advanced stuff.

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