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Good read/listen …

Call for the Dead: John le Carre: audible version read by Michael Jayston. Delicious! I’m currently enjoying the Audible version read by Michael Jayston is utterly perfect as narrator, well able to move voices. And he’s able to enunciate le… Continue Reading →

Book review: The Rook – Daniel O’Malley

Seriously dull! Hope I find better over the holiday season.

Night of the Mothers

This is a reblog from 2 years back but it wanted to come out again for this Sun Return …

Midwinter Spring

Midwinter spring is its own season Sempiternal though sodden towards sundown, Suspended in time, between pole and tropic. When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire, The brief sun flames the ice, on pond and ditches, In windless… Continue Reading →

Midwinter’s Eve

Midwinter’s eve is the time before the winter solstice, the day the sun is at the lowest point on its arc, and the day before it stands still for three days before turning around again and beginning to rise higher… Continue Reading →

Moon Song Review


A Kindness of Ravens

Down into the dark, Midwinter rising. The winds bluster round the windows and whistle down the chimney. A quick dash up to Dorstone Hill literally blew my tiny mind! Wanted a revisit as it’s the setting for the new novel… Continue Reading →

Trees of the Goddes

A new way of looking at the ogham Morgan Daimler: Author. My own approach to tree lore and the Ogham is entirely traditional so I found Elen Sentier’s book a fascinating look into an entirely different approach to the subject. Elen… Continue Reading →

Numerology: dancing the spirals of time

Some reviews … Amazon This is the most reader-friendly numerology book we’ve come across! Numerologists use numbers to discover how people work, what makes them tick, because numbers are a code for life. The numbers of one’s birth provide the… Continue Reading →

Habitat for Wildlife

This lovely little video from the Barn Owl trust shows how to create good habitat for wildlife. It also shows just how much our farming steals from the natural world, especially arable farming. Arable farming is farming crops as opposed to… Continue Reading →

Elen of the Ways

Some review quotes of Elen of the Ways … Elen Sentier has a wonderful way of communicating the history and essence of our inter-connection with nature and ‘Mother Earth’. The book softly puts us in our place amongst (and certainly… Continue Reading →

19th Sep Wildlife Garden Blog

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do … Today was daisy-day. I love Ox-eye daisies but you really can have too much of a good thing! This summer theblilac garden was completely awash with them, a real “white garden” and… Continue Reading →

5th Sep Wildlife Garden Blog

Clearing the Pond banks … a bit backwards as this happened before the previous blog! I’l get it straight from now on …  Here’s Kevin being a garden gnome! He’s clearing, indeed has cleared b the time of this pic, all… Continue Reading →

19th Sep Wildlife Garden Blog

Well, I promised a while back to keep blogging about the progress of the Wildlife Garden – and have been very remiss in not doing so! For an excuse I offer up that I’ve been working all the hours the… Continue Reading →

Vampires in everyday life

As vampires feature large in my latest novel, The Talisman, (just being edited now – then to find an agent!) I’m going to begin this blog with a quote from there … That’s what vampires did, sucked the life-energy out… Continue Reading →

Calanais Rainbow

Bridge over sky Cauldron over Earth Ancestor stones give out the energy That defines the dark and light See the colour How it changes Within the cauldron all is light Holds the wisdom of the old ones Without the cauldron… Continue Reading →

Merlin: Re-Blog from Nimue Brown’s Blog

  Magic – such an evocative word! But what is it? There are probably as many definitions as there are people who talk about it. There are many synonyms for the word magic – occult, enchanted, charmed, out of this… Continue Reading →


This is an absolutely marvellous blog from a friend of mine about working with her beautiful young 4yr old Arab horse. enjoy … and remember, all my friend says goes for working with anything and everything from horses, to people,… Continue Reading →

Gloom and Doom

Last night I watched Steven Seagal’s film On Deadly Ground, an old favourite. This morning I read the old critics comments about it, one of the gloomiest things I’ve read recently. Why? Because the comments show just how much anyone… Continue Reading →

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