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Here’s my BLOG …  I’m a best-selling author with Moon Books and I teach British Native Shamanism. Here’s More About Me …

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my latest novel

I write magical realism mystery fiction. Life is about change, and I’m all about climbing out of the box! Magic is reality and reality is magical. Magic is what happens whether we understand it or not, and it often surprises us, even when we think we do understand. Wonderful everyday magic … a snowdrop birthing from the frozen ground, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, ways the stars work, how gravity does its stuff, and quantum mechanics. It’s all magic.

My stories are about people and their relationships, working with change, out f the box, expanding their relationships and discovering the everyday magic all around them. And they’re about what happens when two people love each other, all the sticky, spiny, spiky, thorny bits that hurt as well as the bits that feel good, and that you need both the tough and the smooth in order to find the joy.

My latest book

I also write about the old ways of Britain, that have been hidden in plain sight for the past 2000 years, British native shamanism. My latest book – Merlin: once & future wizard – is about my own experience working with him. It’s very personal, but also holds lots of ideas which others can pick up and run with if they wish.  If you like this idea, have a read.

My British shamanism books, and teaching, include my own personal experience. My parents and many folk in the villages where I grew up had followed our old ways since forever, so I was immersed in magic from birth. It was normal and “what you did” long before Mircea Eliade’s book, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, was published in 1964. Since the beginning of the 21st century more and more of us have come-out about our old native ways, people want to know, want the old traditions from this land. My books are about this.

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