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Habitat for Wildlife

This lovely little video from the Barn Owl trust shows how to create good habitat for wildlife. It also shows just how much our farming steals from the natural world, especially arable farming. Arable farming is farming crops as opposed to… Continue Reading →

Gloom and Doom

Last night I watched Steven Seagal’s film On Deadly Ground, an old favourite. This morning I read the old critics comments about it, one of the gloomiest things I’ve read recently. Why? Because the comments show just how much anyone… Continue Reading →

Wolf Words

I’m currently reading a modern novel – out 2017 – which still perpetrates the bad old myths about ravening and ferocious wolves hunting down humans! Really? In this day and age? But yes, those attitudes and falsehoods still go on…. Continue Reading →

Green Deserts

Arable Land, Population & Vegetarianism According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations the world’s Arable land amounted to 1,407 M hectares, out of a total 4,924 M hectares of land used for agriculture, as at the year 2013. We use over… Continue Reading →

Wolves & reality

Something To Think About ~ #NatureIsBeautiful pic.twitter.com/tT6nJ3FQ5u — PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE (@Protect_Wldlife) December 9, 2017  

Brexit – my biggest fears

JET – Joint European Torus The future of this amazing project is my biggest fear with Brexit, along with what will happen for wildlife and rewilding. Why, I hear from some quarters, why doesn’t she care about people and ordinary… Continue Reading →

Cawwwww !!!

Rushing blousy August Blows the tits around the house Swallows dive for food Carried sideways But the crows, oh the crows … Watch them sliding. slipping, stalling Playing the wind Screaming their defiance as it tries to blow them of… Continue Reading →

Still as Ghosts

after watching the video ringing of the Dyfi osprey chicks 2017 Thump! Crash! Up from the ground the thing comes. Still as ghosts we sit. Smell! Scent! Sound! It peers over the edge of the nest. Still as ghosts we… Continue Reading →

Hunter in Darkness

Whiskers twitching Ears listening Eyes slit She senses her prey in the gloaming light Night holds no terrors Except for Man Him she shuns eludes Escapes if she can Whiskers twitching in the gloaming light On the wild island where… Continue Reading →

Wet Land Song

    Foo Foo the wind Chimney roars Trees dance Earth drinks in the hungry rain Land Songs Series © Elen Sentier 2017 all rights reserved  

Rabbit Cat

We have just acquired a rabbit cat. He’s big and dark and handsome, dark brown-grey tabby I think but I’m only allowed to see him from my bedroom window. He’s feral and has come to our garden because we have… Continue Reading →

So-called Renewables …

This article set me off today, it begins … “Expansion of renewable energy cannot by itself stave off catastrophic climate change, scientists warned Monday.” Who, in their right minds (!), ever thought it would? I’m now about to trample on a whole… Continue Reading →

Robin Song

Sometimes the simple call of a bird transports me across worlds, to another time, a memory time … I’m suddenly back 50-odd years, walking a lane in deep midwinter, snow piled up along the hedgerows, clear over my head, and… Continue Reading →

Ooops! I almost stepped on an owl …

  Oops! I almost stepped on an owl Another lovely journey with Ben Dolphin of Walkhighlands. I never cease to be envious of this bloke! He has the job I would want if only I was 30+ years younger and… Continue Reading →

Journey with Trees

Trees for Life’s Corporate & Trusts Development Officer Joyce Gilbert trades funding application forms for a  ‘Journey of Trees’ – a Gaelic place-naming weekend of tree planting and pony trekking. Last weekend found me walking beside a couple of ponies on a “Journey with Trees”… Continue Reading →

Being Wild & Hope Bourne

“For money, you sell the hours and the days of your life, which are the only true wealth you have,” she wrote. “You sell the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk, the moon and the stars, the wind and the… Continue Reading →

Utter Magic

This video is utter magic …

Maxie the Otter

I just have to share this wonderful film of the releasing of Maxie the Otter by Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. They do such marvellous work and this film brings it all home … makes my heart sing 🙂 http://    

Whales change climate …

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