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4 elements workshop

Bean-Sidhe Drumcraft 3

With Fiona Dove And again, things have moved forward since I last wrote and I’m now back home in Hereford. Reminder … Fiona is in process of getting 3-day workshop together for this autumn, the dates are the evening of… Continue Reading →

Elen at Shamanic Lands 2015

At last, here’s the vidoe of my talk at Shamanic Lands in June 2015 :-). With many thanks to Wisdom Hub for making it available.  

Exploring Thresholds

Following on from writing the Merlin book I’m giving a workshop on Exmoor on Exploring Thresholds. It will be an intimate and informal workshop, just 4 participants, and happens out in the wilds of Exmoor, at ancient crossing-places where I’ve worked with Merlin… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Incense

My artist friend, Danielle Barlow, has begun doing incense-making workshops. I have to get on one! She’s Ab Fab at it. This reblogged post is about her Adventures in Incense and gives an idea of what she does. Adventures in… Continue Reading →

Dancing the Heart to Wildness

Dancing is something most of us want to do and love doing when we can, even if we feel we need to be on our own to do it else we get embarrassed. Rhythm moves our feet, all our muscles,… Continue Reading →

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