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I come from a family of cunning folk who’ve practiced the old British magic for hundreds of years. I’m a quirky, unconventional woman with an intensely strong connection to nature.

My father was a cunning man and taleweaver, my mother’s mother a witch from the Isle of Mann. One of my aunts owned the village sacred well which was built into the wall between hers and our gardens. An uncle taught me to be an animal whisperer, he could call a wild falcon to his hand, and often sat with a wild adder-snake coiled around his wrist. 30 years as a Transpersonal psychotherapist has given me a deep understanding of people and, as well as being able to help people, it also makes me good at developing characters in a rounded and believable way. Add in that my husband is particle physicist so I’ve been absorbing cutting-edge science with the cornflakes for 45 years, and you have an interesting mix.

When I’m not writing you might find me walking and wild-camping in the Highlands of Scotland, or on Exmoor, Dartmoor, the Welsh mountains, Brittany or the Pyrenees; I know them all intimately and they add colour and realism to my stories. I love weaving magic and mystery together while still keeping a sharp on characters and places, and do my best to help the stories flow effortlessly and believably to gripping conclusions.

My bragging rights include dancing for Arlene Philips; taking contemporary dance class with Robert Cohen; flying in Jaguar fighter aircraft; doing plasma-physics at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy; and being kissed by Mick Jagger! I often tweet on environment, ecology and animal cruelty issues. I love cats, eat paleo, and my moto is If the cat and the boyfriend disagree get rid of the boyfriend!

 I have 2 PET PROJECTS and would love you to help me with them.

1st is Wildcat Haven, a wonderful group of folk really doing good work to space the Scottish Wildcat. Did you know there may only 35 of them left in the whole world? There are about 2000 tigers and 100 pandas in comparison! The Scottish wildcat evolved from a population of European wildcats which became isolated by the English Channel over 9000 years ago. They are the largest of the wildcat family and can be double the size of a domestic pet cat and infinitely more ferocious. Unlike today, vast swathes of Europe used to be covered in forest, making a great habitat for small cats. We know that 12 million years ago an animal called Martelli’s wildcat, which seems to have been nearly identical in looks to the Scottish wildcat, was roaming the continent. The modern European wildcat evolved 2 million years ago. As sea levels rose after the ice age around 10,000 years ago, a population of these cats were isolated in the British Isles.In the last few hundred years the expansion of people and destruction of forests across the UK battered the population down until only the wildcats in Scotland remained. These cats adapted their behaviour to survive in a fragmented multi-habitat environment. Please help …  

2nd is Trees for Life. they do a wonderful job of helping to restore habitat and they’re in the forefront of rewilding. It’s very easy to support them – Buy A Tree! I started my own “grove” a while back and anytime anyone wants to give me a prezzie I ask that they buy a tree for it. You can do that here – and trees only cost £6 while they give so much to the habitat.