My new book – Numerology: dancing the spirals of time – is out Friday 22 feb 2019. Watch here for when you can pre-order.

Elen Sentier writes magical realism novels with extra spice of romance. They’re set in the everyday world but always include supernatural happenings, magical allies and villains who are both likely to be shapeshifters.

Elen comes from a family of cunning folk who’ve practiced the old British magic for hundreds of years. She’s a quirky, unconventional woman with an intensely strong connection to nature. One of her uncles taught her to be an animal whisperer, he could call a wild falcon to his hand, and often had a wild adder-snake around his wrist. 20 years as a practicing Transpersonal psychotherapist gives her a deep understanding of how people tick, so her characters are rounded and believable. When she’s not writing you might find her walking and wild-camping in the Highlands of Scotland, the Welsh mountains, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Brittany or the Pyrenees. She’s knows them all intimately so they add colour and realism to the story settings.

All this life-experience enables her to weave magic and mystery together, and still keep a sharp grip on characters and places; the stories flow effortlessly and believably to gripping conclusions. Add in that her husband is particle physicist so she’s been absorbing cutting-edge science with the cornflakes for 45 years, and you have an interesting mix.

Her bragging rights include dancing for Arlene Philips; taking contemporary dance class with Robert Cohen; flying in Jaguar fighter aircraft; doing plasma-physics at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy; and being kissed by Mick Jagger! And she ofte tweets on environmental, ecology and animal cruelty issues.

Elen loves cats, eats paleo, says If the cat and the boyfriend disagree get rid of the boyfriend! 😊

As well as magical realism novels, Elen has written 3 best-sellers on the old shamanic ways of Britain, find her on Amazon.

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