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Following the Deer Trods

I’m an author, mythologist and storyteller. I write fantasy novels set in our everyday world. I also write about the old magical ways of Britain in which I grew up, find me on Amazon.

I’m a wilderness woman at heart, couldn’t cope with living in a village let alone a town or city, so I live with my cats, husband and a host of wildlife in the back of beyond in the Welsh Marches. It’s a magical twilight place, between two countries and two worlds.

I teach the Old Ways of Britain

I’m awenydd (Ah-when-ith), that’s one of the ways we call ourselves in the British native tradition and (like shaman) it means spirit keeper and one who knows. I write about, and teach, our old British traditions and, when I’m not writing, I read, spin, knit, weave, cuddle my cats, paint watercolours and play in the wild lands.

I’ve made – no, I’m still in the process of making – a wilderness garden; I’ve been doing it for twenty years now and hope to be doing it all my life. I’m guardian to a 1/4 acre of land – tiny woodland, big wildlife pond, a little orchard, wildflower meadows, and loads of strawberries and raspberries because I live on them all summer! 30+ species of birds come regularly, I quite often see one of the nearby stoats, and the local polecats, sometimes wesels too, and hedgehogs, foxes and badgers visit regularly. Long tailed mice, bank, meadow and common voles, and moles tunnel around the place, rabbits come and the occasional hare. I feel very blessed by all these critters. I live half a mile from the nearest minor road so there just aren’t any human neighbours – which suits me down to the socks *smile*.