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Ravens & Am Buachaille at Sandwood Bay

Soooo … we hiked out to Sandwood Bay in Sutherland, Scotland, for an overnight wildcamp. The weather forecast had given us 18 hours so we decided to go for it and the walk out was gorgeous, brilliant spring-blue skies, the mountains… Continue Reading →

Sleeping Pads – A grounded view | PMags.com

My sort of backpacking  … 🙂 Winter backpacking requires more of everything: More warmth, more insulation, more gear, more equipment, etc. Sleeping pads used for winter backpacking are no different.  A person can have a -20F bag but if they… Continue Reading →

Getting To Grips With Hand Drill

Getting to grips with hand-drill. Photo: Paul Kirtley. Excellent article by Paul Kirtley Hand drill is an elegantly simple technique of fire-lighting. Yet it is commonly seen as a more advanced technique of friction fire-lighting than the bow-drill method. This… Continue Reading →

Quiet Wanderings Reveal Wildlife At Dusk

Paul Kirtley’s article is well worth following up … we can each do this, even without all the camo-kit. Do remember not to wear rustly clothes and to try to get the breeze blowing from the animal to you …… Continue Reading →

BBC News – Deer: 50% cull 'necessary to protect countryside'

This is very likely true, I know several places where there are too many deer for the habitat to support so not only is the habitat deteriorating but the deer are getting sickly too. Back in the Ice Age and… Continue Reading →

Hot Tenting Vs. Cold Camping – Outdoor adventure, gear, travel & skills

This is good … Hot tenting beats cold camping, hands down. I remember the trip that changed everything for me. I was “cold camping” in Algonquin park, sleeping in my four-season tent at the end of a long and cold… Continue Reading →

Eating shoots and leaves | Herald Scotland

Very good article … Here’s a question for a mid-afternoon daydream: if you suddenly found yourself stranded in Scottish woodland in January, could you find anything to eat? Even in the dampest conditions, it’s possible to light a fire with… Continue Reading →

Red Dragon Bushcraft

I just connected with a friend’s website Red Dragon Bushcraft.  As he’s not too far away from me I hope to get over there and maybe do some carving.  The courses look good, if you want to learn some bushcraft… Continue Reading →

Robin Wood

Robin Wood. Robin has just recreated this, smashing piece of work and fascinating history. His blog’s really worth following.

Tom Thomson’s Art and the Canadian Wilderness

Fabulous pictures – very envious of you, Paul Kirtley, would love to see the originals. Tom Thomson’s Art and the Canadian Wilderness.

How To Learn About Fungi Safely

Why Look For Fungi? Fungi are an amazing thing, somewhere between plant and animal, they play a key role in their ecosystem by breaking down dead and dying matter around them. via How To Learn About Fungi Safely. This is… Continue Reading →

Wilderness Mentality

I enjoyed this piece from Paul Kirtley, the Founder of Frontier Bushcraft www.frontierbushcraft.com it reminds me of the times I walk the moors alone and how good that feels. The picture is on one of my favourite local places, the… Continue Reading →

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