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Vampires in everyday life

As vampires feature large in my latest novel, The Talisman, (just being edited now – then to find an agent!) I’m going to begin this blog with a quote from there … That’s what vampires did, sucked the life-energy out… Continue Reading →

Gloom and Doom

Last night I watched Steven Seagal’s film On Deadly Ground, an old favourite. This morning I read the old critics comments about it, one of the gloomiest things I’ve read recently. Why? Because the comments show just how much anyone… Continue Reading →

Lyke ways and Corpse roads

From Ancient Wisdom, on Ley Lines I grew up with old ways, spirit ways, death roads all around me and in the village where we lived we used them in the old ways too. the featured picture is of part… Continue Reading →

Shapeshifting for Writers

I enjoyed this blog. I especially liked “Surely it is the role of a writer to take that leap of imagination and empathy into another body and soul, and in doing so, show that it is possible to see through… Continue Reading →

Elen at Shamanic Lands 2015

At last, here’s the vidoe of my talk at Shamanic Lands in June 2015 :-). With many thanks to Wisdom Hub for making it available.  

Being Wild & Hope Bourne

“For money, you sell the hours and the days of your life, which are the only true wealth you have,” she wrote. “You sell the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk, the moon and the stars, the wind and the… Continue Reading →

Trees for Life: Rewilding Grove

I’ve just written a wee story for Trees for Life … this is part of it … More dreams come to you. This time they begin with a long deep howl. Straightway it’s answered, and answered again and again. Your… Continue Reading →

Imbolc, Calleach and Groundhogs

A lovely way of working for Imbolc that connects our old British stories with American ways by Nancy Lankeston who I’m looking forward to working with in May 🙂 The idea of waiting and watching for the first inkling of… Continue Reading →

Irish-American Witchcraft: My American Imbolc

Good blog from fellow author Morgan Daimler. It’s really nice to know the traditions are continuing anf growing around the world. Imbolc  is a pretty big holiday for my family and one of the most involved. It’s also my oldest… Continue Reading →

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