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Lyke ways and Corpse roads

From Ancient Wisdom, on Ley Lines I grew up with old ways, spirit ways, death roads all around me and in the village where we lived we used them in the old ways too. the featured picture is of part… Continue Reading →

Song of the Soul Catcher

  #poetry today #folklorethursday  

Arrow Moon & Horse Moon

Froggy Goes a Courting

Origins of folksongs. Just listening to a BBC4 programme about Cecil B Sharpe and there was a lovely Appalachian rendition of Froggy Goes a Courting, they said it’s “just a children’s song” and also that it’s a nursery rhyme. Oh… Continue Reading →


A taster from the novel I’m currently writing … Brisingamen The thirteen golden moons shone out in her memory. Where were they, what had her mad red-haired brother done with them? She lay back in the bed trying to remember…. Continue Reading →

Lady & Lord in Herefordshire

In what’s now called the Golden Valley are two little churches, either side of the Dwr river , Turnastone and Vowchurch. When the Normans arrived here sometime after 1066 they misinterpreted this Welsh word dŵr, which means water, for the… Continue Reading →

Blackthorn Ceridwen

Blackthorn flowers before the leaves come and may flower as early as Imbolc, especially now climate change and global warming are well underway. The two British thorn trees, blackthorn and whitethorn (otherwise known as the May Tree and hawthorn) hold… Continue Reading →


Says it all for me …    

Bridey’s Flower: a blog for Imbolc

In my end is my beginning … Eliot again, now at Imbolc as at Samhain. And now again, the story ends and the story begins, turning and cycling round the seasons. Hiding in the bushes beside the clearing where the… Continue Reading →

Bridey’s Worm

Driving up to Cheshire last week we knew the moles had woken up, molehills everywhere, yards and yards and yards of them, in every field and even along the grass at the edges of the road. Well, it is that… Continue Reading →

3 Kings Night

Big day for us here today, with lots of biodynamics to do. We’ve spent the past 11 days stirring Prep 500 (horn manure) each day … one day for each month of the coming year … and today is the… Continue Reading →

Ancient Calendars

Today is what we modern folk call new year’s eve but that is such a new invention, indeed the Gregorian calendar which we currently use dates from 1582, a mere 435 years ago! The idea of counting from January to… Continue Reading →

Wren Boys – the Hunting of the Wren

The Wren Boys are an old tradition and so is the Hunting of the Wren. Its later forms, in Ireland, included catching a wren, sometimes keeping it alive and parading it round the village and at others killing it –… Continue Reading →

Night of the Mothers

It’s old, old, old. It’s the eve of sun-return, the 24th of December, that the Christians now call Christmas eve. It’s the night the mothers come together to rebirth the sun. I was thirteen when I could first go. At… Continue Reading →

Midwinter: Telling the Bees

This lovely little piece comes from Save the Bees Australia. “At least twice in our short history #honeybees have attended their #beekeepers#funerals. In 1934, when Sam Rogers died in Shropshire, England, his bees paid their farewell at his graveside funeral. They landed… Continue Reading →

The Firewood Rhyme – Anon

An old log-rhyme for Midwinter, more of our old floklore … Logs to Burn, Logs to burn, Logs to burn, Logs to save the coal a turn, Here’s a word to make you wise, When you hear the woodman’s cries…. Continue Reading →

Fire Wood – Wisdom of the Ages

Dad taught me this poem when I was a kid, never forgotten, and very good advice. Part of our old folklore & magic. Poem by Cilia Congrave 1930 Beechwood fires are bright and clear If the logs are kept a… Continue Reading →

Arthur’s Stone

I live near one of the places called Arthur’s Stone. It’s on one of the long ridges that run roughly northwest/southeast along the ancient glacial tracts that swept this region of what is now Herefordshire and the Welsh Marches. In… Continue Reading →

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