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Song of the Soul Catcher

  #poetry today #folklorethursday  

Mountain Breasts

Breasts rise out of the darkness Ghostly white In their transparent cover of snow mist Pointed, eager, asking for caress They stand up proud against the grey sky Soft cloud-blanket comes to wrap them warm Land Songs Series © Elen Sentier… Continue Reading →

The Mother’s Blanket

High up The road goes on Over the cliff of nowhere Into the lands of everywhere The Mother’s blanket Blue and white and grey Hangs over all Giving the water of life Land Songs Series © Elen Sentier 2017 all rights… Continue Reading →

Wet Land Song

    Foo Foo the wind Chimney roars Trees dance Earth drinks in the hungry rain Land Songs Series © Elen Sentier 2017 all rights reserved  

Lady & Lord in Herefordshire

In what’s now called the Golden Valley are two little churches, either side of the Dwr river , Turnastone and Vowchurch. When the Normans arrived here sometime after 1066 they misinterpreted this Welsh word dŵr, which means water, for the… Continue Reading →


Says it all for me …    

Bridey’s Worm

Driving up to Cheshire last week we knew the moles had woken up, molehills everywhere, yards and yards and yards of them, in every field and even along the grass at the edges of the road. Well, it is that… Continue Reading →

Night of the Mothers

It’s old, old, old. It’s the eve of sun-return, the 24th of December, that the Christians now call Christmas eve. It’s the night the mothers come together to rebirth the sun. I was thirteen when I could first go. At… Continue Reading →

The Twa Magicians

A goddess-chase song. The goddess sets up tests for the god to see if he’s up for the job of her guardian. He makes it in the end but she leads him a gay old dance :-).

Dyfrig: Merlin, Demons and Ergyng

According to the Christian stories, Merlin’s mother lay with a demon, an otherworldly spirit, who fathered him upon her. The word demon has largely been dumbed down to mean something evil and out to get us, but it has far… Continue Reading →

Elen at Shamanic Lands 2015

At last, here’s the vidoe of my talk at Shamanic Lands in June 2015 :-). With many thanks to Wisdom Hub for making it available.  

Cat Scramble

A walk through Exmoor woods …

Cairns in Britain

From what I know cairns have been built by peoples all over the world for probably hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps as long as humans have been on Planet Earth, after all their not rocket science to build. They… Continue Reading →

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