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Pipe And Slippers: With Elen Sentier

Pipe And Slippers: With Elen Sentier My friend Penny Blake who runs THE CURIOUS ADVENTURES OF MESSRS SMITH AND SKARRY has just got me to do a short bedtime story … go to the link to hear the audio. This is  her beginning, I… Continue Reading →

Exploring Thresholds

Following on from writing the Merlin book I’m giving a workshop on Exmoor on Exploring Thresholds. It will be an intimate and informal workshop, just 4 participants, and happens out in the wilds of Exmoor, at ancient crossing-places where I’ve worked with Merlin… Continue Reading →

Book review

Trees of the Goddess Danni Niles’ review … I enjoy her style :-). As Nimue Brown says, she does great reviews. As a writer I find what she says very useful and helpful, and its fascinating hearing someone else on… Continue Reading →

Irish-American Witchcraft: My American Imbolc

Good blog from fellow author Morgan Daimler. It’s really nice to know the traditions are continuing anf growing around the world. Imbolc  is a pretty big holiday for my family and one of the most involved. It’s also my oldest… Continue Reading →

Elen of the Ways: British Shamanism

Shaman Pathways – Elen of the Ways: British Shamanism – Following the Deer Trods Elen of the Ways is about the ancient shamanism of Britain. Elen Sentier grew up in a long family lineage of following the Deer Trods; in… Continue Reading →

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