Brexit – my biggest fears

JET – Joint European Torus

The future of this amazing project is my biggest fear with Brexit, along with what will happen for wildlife and rewilding. Why, I hear from some quarters, why doesn’t she care about people and ordinary things and the economy, and all that?

Because this, JET, is so utterly vital for all humanity but so very, very few understand it! This is how to make masses of sustainable energy for everyone … out of sea water! and it works, now, and will work even better and be producing electricity from good clean pwoer stations all over the world provided we don’t allow it to die from stupidity now. It knocks ideas like windfarms and even solar farms into a cocked hat! And how many of you knew that? How many of you have even heard of JET?

it should be being splashed all over the news but the news-people haven’t got a clue either, and their agendas are all on what will sell, what will make a profit for them, all about greed-for-me … Me! Me! Me!

I really want everyone – everyone in the whole world, not just Britain and Europe – to be fighting for this. We all need to get our heads out of the sand and understand things like this. Despite being up several orders of magnitude on Rocket Science, this really isn’t that hard to understand and the folks at #CulhamScienceCentre really can explain it in terms of “the cat sat on the mat”. Come on, people, let’s go for it, let’s learn about it, let’s understand it … and FIGHT tooth-n-nail for it. It really is the future …

Joint European TorusImage copyrightEUROFUSION CONSORTIUM

The Joint European Torus in Oxfordshire can lay convincing claim to be the greatest scientific experiment in the UK – and indeed in the world, and ever in human history! The long-term – and not so long-term now either – aim is to produce an unlimited supply of clean energy through nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is how the Sun works, how we get ll the energy we have now, what enables us to live, and we can now do that here on Earth.

But Jet is run under the auspices of Euratom, the European Atomic Energy Community. And alongside the EU, we’re leaving Euratom too – which is utterly effing crazy!

The trouble is that funding for Jet runs out at the end of 2018. And until we know the future relationship between Euratom and the UK after Brexit, no one can say for certain that funding will be extended.

Surely, you cry, they won’t just pull the giant Torus plug?

“I work in fusion research so by definition I think I’m an optimist,” says Ian Chapman, the chief executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

“But everybody is anxious, and everybody wants a resolution to this as quickly as possible.”

So get with it, people, shout, a lot, and loudly, that this MUST continue if humanity is to have any future at all. Yes, it really is that big!

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Neanderthals' large eyes 'caused their demise' … Rubbish!

BBC News – Neanderthals’ large eyes ’caused their demise’.

Ms Pearce’s conclusions are based on inadequate thinking and reasoning, all of which seem likely to be able to fit in a matchbox and still have room to spare.  Ms Pearce’s research  found that Neanderthals had significantly larger eye sockets than Homo sapiens – by an average of 6mm from top to bottom. From this she surmised that, although this seems like a small amount, that it was enough for Neanderthals to use significantly more of their brains to process visual information. “Since Neanderthals evolved at higher latitudes, more of the Neanderthal brain would have been dedicated to vision and body control, leaving less brain to deal with other functions like social networking,” she told BBC News. Ye gods !!!

This is quite inadequate evidence for any such a leap however, when coupled with this statement, “They were very, very smart, but not quite in the same league as Homo Sapiens. That difference might have been enough to tip the balance when things were beginning to get tough at the end of the last ice age” from Prof Robin Dunbar Oxford University you can see some of the underlying reasons it may have been grabbed at. For many people it’s very important to be able to say the Neanderthals were “not quite in the same league as Homo Sapiens”. As long as superiority is important to people cloud-castles such as Ms Pearce propounds will get built on the sand of inadequate reasoning.

The size of the cranium, or the size of the eye socket, tell you absolutely nothing about the workings of the grey matter that was once inside it. All you can say is that it’s likely that the smaller the cranium the less grey matter was inside it. We don’t think through amount of grey matter, we think through the synaptic connections made through the agency of the brain. The complexity of those connections is not governed by the size of the eye socket nor can one extrapolate that the size of the eye socket means more connections were related to sight as opposed to any other function.

Cognition work has shown us over the past century and more that how the brain connects, how the synapses make pathways through the brain is the most important thing to do with creativity and the ability to think and reason. Ms Pearce needs to go back to school and, hopefully, to go on some cognition training to learn to expand her thinking out of the inadequate box it’s currently in.

For goodness sake !!! If this is the kind of science being done let’s give the woman a brush and get her onto road sweeping, surely she must be better at that ???