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Arrow Moon & Horse Moon

Rain from Heaven

Sipping, slurping, gulping, burping Garden thirsty for the rain Leaves unfurling, roots uncurling Supping up the soft wet rain Flowers dripping, grass-heads tipping Holding shiny beads of rain Lady’s Mantle holds the candle Cupping silver drops of rain Heaven opens,… Continue Reading →

Journey with Trees

Trees for Life’s Corporate & Trusts Development Officer Joyce Gilbert trades funding application forms for a  ‘Journey of Trees’ – a Gaelic place-naming weekend of tree planting and pony trekking. Last weekend found me walking beside a couple of ponies on a “Journey with Trees”… Continue Reading →

Grey Wethers

Cloud-filled I lie between circles, left and right Sunlight burns my eyes, so bright Wind whispers in the grass, the reeds, the stones They twist and turn Widdershins, deosil Left and right. Cloud-filled I lie, between the circles, left and… Continue Reading →

Being Wild & Hope Bourne

“For money, you sell the hours and the days of your life, which are the only true wealth you have,” she wrote. “You sell the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk, the moon and the stars, the wind and the… Continue Reading →

Cat Scramble

A walk through Exmoor woods …

Dancing the Heart to Wildness

Dancing is something most of us want to do and love doing when we can, even if we feel we need to be on our own to do it else we get embarrassed. Rhythm moves our feet, all our muscles,… Continue Reading →

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