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Badger, Seal & Hare

Excellent post on wildlife watching … “That challenge, should you accept it, is to remain still……and quiet.” The badger, the seal and the hare – a lesson in wildlife watching

Trees for Life: Rewilding Grove

I’ve just written a wee story for Trees for Life … this is part of it … More dreams come to you. This time they begin with a long deep howl. Straightway it’s answered, and answered again and again. Your… Continue Reading →

How Do Bears React to People?

  Understanding Bears How Do Bears React to People? Black bears may enter camps or your cottage or home, especially when wild foods are scarce, but they rarely attack people. Black bears usually retreat before people are aware of them…. Continue Reading →

Weeds and Wild Medicine Workshop at Pagancon – 13th July 2013 | Edwina Hodkinson

I’d decided for this workshop to focus on our native and not so native weeds. The great unloved plants of our gardens, parks, road verges and wastelands. Many people spend countless of hours of back breaking work pulling them up… Continue Reading →

Quiet Wanderings Reveal Wildlife At Dusk

Paul Kirtley’s article is well worth following up … we can each do this, even without all the camo-kit. Do remember not to wear rustly clothes and to try to get the breeze blowing from the animal to you …… Continue Reading →

Eustace Conway – Survivalist faces charges for teaching in self-built school

Please help !!! And before we get all “elf-n-safety” over here !!! Eustace Conway has lived in the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains for 30 years, detached from modern society. Now, he wants to teach others his survival skills –… Continue Reading →

The bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond … a friend's blog :-)

This is from a bushcraft friend’s blog … I hooked up with the guys north of the border for some canoe camping at the weekend, a very chilled out affair, mostly spent under the ‘chute dodging the rain and chilly… Continue Reading →

Of course, there's no such thing as global warming …

No such thing as global warming ??? In a paper published Sunday, March 10, in the journal Nature Climate Change, an international team of university and NASA scientists examined the relationship between changes in surface temperature and vegetation growth from… Continue Reading →

BBC News – Deer: 50% cull 'necessary to protect countryside'

This is very likely true, I know several places where there are too many deer for the habitat to support so not only is the habitat deteriorating but the deer are getting sickly too. Back in the Ice Age and… Continue Reading →

Hot Tenting Vs. Cold Camping – Outdoor adventure, gear, travel & skills

This is good … Hot tenting beats cold camping, hands down. I remember the trip that changed everything for me. I was “cold camping” in Algonquin park, sleeping in my four-season tent at the end of a long and cold… Continue Reading →

Paul Kirtley's Bushcraft Socks !!!

Oh Wow !!! My socks are now famous !!! One thing I was very impressed with was hand made for me. To be more precise a pair were made for me. Following her attendance on one of my bushcraft courses… Continue Reading →

Myth & Moor: Dreaming awake

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 Dreaming awake Nattadon morning 1 “I write fantasy because it’s there. I have no other excuse for sitting down for several hours a day indulging my imagination. Daydreaming. Thinking up imaginary people, impossible places. Imagination is… Continue Reading →

Eating shoots and leaves | Herald Scotland

Very good article … Here’s a question for a mid-afternoon daydream: if you suddenly found yourself stranded in Scottish woodland in January, could you find anything to eat? Even in the dampest conditions, it’s possible to light a fire with… Continue Reading →

Raptor Petition

I just had this reply from HM Gov … good news 🙂 The e-petition ‘Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England’ signed by you recently reached 10,587 signatures and a response has been made to it…. Continue Reading →

Save the Scottish Wildcat Gallery

I just got this from the Scottish Wildcat Assoiation, it’s a lovely idea, do support it if you can, get involved and promote amongst your friends. There are reported to be only 35 pure Scottish Wildcats left in existence. This… Continue Reading →

Simon King on Fallow Deer | Wildlife Whisperer

Super piece on fallow deer by Simon King. October WILD GUIDE – Fallow Deer | Wildlife Whisperer.

Meet The Stars Of City Fox Cam | Wildlife Whisperer

Meet The Stars Of City Fox Cam | Wildlife Whisperer. Simon King – one of my all-time faves – has a fox-cam project going. Do follow it, it looks very good.

??? frack Greater Yellowstone – terrifying news !!!

Terrifying news … please sign petition to stop the blowing up the Earth. Don’t frack Greater Yellowstone https://news.change.org/stories/go-frack-yourself-yellowstone Go Frack Yourself, Yellowstone by Austin Billings · March 08, 2011 Last month, I wrote about the Wilderness Society’s petition to stop… Continue Reading →

Beautiful hawks

From Dartmoor … Posted from WordPress for Android

Edible Flowers

Most of us have flowers in the garden … as well as being beutiful they are an excellent source of food as well as a tasty treat and make dishes bright and colourful. Borage (Borago officinalis) Borage is an annual… Continue Reading →

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