with Elen Sentier assisted by Dr Kevin Ashby PhD

This experiential workshop is based around my latest book, Merlin, which came out 9th December 2016.

  • Date: TBA
  • Place: Herefordshire
  • Cost: £TBA
  • Max: 6 people
  • Tuition & lunch included: plenty of B&B nearby
  • Contact: Elen Sentier

0 - Merlin coverI’ve worked with Merlin all my life, and my parents before me, so I know him well. And I know that thresholds can be tough, confusing and difficult places I’ve crossed enough during this lifetime to have great respect for them. Merlin has always been my guide and ally, helping me to cross. I was taught the old ways of thresholds, as a child in the 1950s and 60s, by my parents and the old ones of the villages where I grew up, I’d like to introduce them to you.

This workshop is intimate and informal. It happens at my home near Hereford, in the border country between Wales and England, a beautiful, twilight land full of ancient crossing-places where the faer folk (the tylwyth teg) and Merlin stand guard. Indeed, my home is by one of Merlin’s own places, I tell you the story in the book. We’ll explore some of these thresholds on the workshop through dancing, drumming, journeying and working at sacred sites.


Kevin Ashby

Since 2016, I’ve had Dr Kevin Ashby PhD to assist me. Kevin is a poet and writer who’s studied the old ways with me for several years now. He’s great fun, has lots of insights and a wicked sense of humour, and he’s an ace drummer and overtone singer too. As well as working with me, in 2017 Kevin will be setting out his own workshops over at his home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and I may be at some of those too. Between us, Kevin and I have done a load of threshold crossings and so are good guides to help you.


Elen Sentier

You can find out more about me, at the About Me page. I was born into a family with a long heritage of working with the old ways of Britain, and grew up in villages where there were old ones, elders, who taught us children who wanted to learn. I’ve been teaching our old ways since the 1980s, and I write books about them, including novels, see Moon Song and Owl Woman

If you feel you would like to come to this workshop, get in touch with me at elen.sentier@yahoo.co.uk for more info, and to book.



BOOKING: These workshops attract people from all over the world, including Europe, America, Canada and Australia, and get booked up quite quickly so do reserve your place as early as possible. There are only 6 places.

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of £100 reserves your place. The whole fee is due 6 weeks before the workshop.

REFUND POLICY: If you cancel within 6 weeks of the workshop, and no further booking can be found, then you will be charged the whole fee.

LUNCH: Organic and biodynamic soups, cheese, baked potatoes, bread, salad, and maybe ham, sausages or venison, are likely to be on offer each day. If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know. There will always be a gluten-free option.

LIABILITY: We accept no liability for accidents. You are coming to wild places in the hills so please make sure, for yourself, that you’re fit for this. The ambulance service is always available, including air ambulance when necessary. If you are not a UK citizen then make sure you have all the relevant health insurance although you can be sure that our health professionals will not be looking for your credit card before they stop your wound or get your heart going again!

We look forward to working with you …